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The quest for more website visitors has some website owners following the advice of just about anyone and everyone. When in reality, the quest for more website visitors boils down to a few things, mainly budget and creativity.

But before we venture any further, let's clarify what the real goal should be for any website - more targeted website visitors, instead of just "more website visitors".

A targeted website visitor is one that is looking for what you sell. For example, someone looking for "free website building software" is probably not in the market to spend upwards of $399 on Macromedia Dreamweaver.

There are always exceptions to every rule for both web surfers and website owners. Some web surfers can be converted from the free information junkie type into an actual consumer, but as a rule of thumb this is not the case.

On the other side, there are some website owners that really don't care what type of visitor they get. Of course they would prefer more targeted traffic, but they are happy with any type.

Why? They have monetized and optimized their website in hopes of getting a visitor to perform their desired call to action, such as clicking on ad or a link that pays the website owner for every click. But for the average website, targeting is going to be the key to success.

Targeting your correct market is a process, that when applied correctly, will enable your website to rank higher in the natural listings and convert better when using paid search, for example with Google AdWords.

If your campaign, for both higher natural rankings and for paid search (as with AdWords), is targeting the wrong market or attracting the wrong website surfer, you will not increase your bottom line.

Although, Google and its investors will be happy to relieve you of as much money as you would like to spend every month on AdWords.

In fact, your web hosting company will also enjoy the extra bandwidth usage that more website visitors will use, and if your hosting package is mediocre, they will also be more than happy to charge you for extra bandwidth usage - should you go over your stated amount.

Now back to the basics, budget and creativity. With a large enough budget and time, just about any website can buy themselves onto the desirable first page of natural listings on Google, Yahoo or MSN. Of course, the same can be achieved in minutes using a paid search campaign.

But is there a way to achieve a vast amount of targeted website visitors without it costing a dime in marketing? Yes, it's called creativity and it is the one thing that sometimes money can't buy.

Just take a look at the Madison Avenue so-called marketing and advertising gurus that come up with some really horrible ads, for liability precautions we won't go into any specifics, but it won't take you long to think of something that you heard, read or watched that just made you think "what garbage".

To illustrate an an example of creativity that caused a massive amount of website visitors and a viral overload. In February of 2005, people flocked from all over the world to view the Gates Project for Central Park in New York City.

At the same time a computer programmer in Massachusetts created a miniature replica of the Gates Project in his home using toy models. He then photographed it, uploaded the images to his server and within a few days, and the viral nature of the web, his server was overloaded with visitors wanting to see his model of the Central Park Gates Project.

In the end, he took down his site due to the overwhelming demand on his server and he never put it back up, but not before he was bombarded with offers to buy and advertise on his site - which he rejected because it was never intended to be anything other than a fun idea.

Regardless of what you think of the Central Park Gates Project or of this programmers idea, it generated more website visitors than his server could deal with and above all - it was free.

The bottom line is simple, but hard to create and duplicate, create a buzz that is original and noteworthy or very humorous, and not deemed to be a sales pitch, and it will cause a viral overload. Post a comment here.

For questions or comments on this article please contact Copyright © 2/2006 Trihon. All Rights Reserved.

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